What I did today

Why write such mundane stuff, you ask? Well, partially to practice writing once again. A couple of weeks ago I would not have been able to get this far without a dozen typos or frustrations. So this is partially a practice for me. You may find me repeating things at times but that’s part of the healing brain from I have been reading.


6am : Wake up. Wash up, light up some Triloka Ayurvedic Meditation Incense meditate with my new best friend, Bodhipaksa. He and I meet mentally every morning first thing. He is soothing, mindful, and very approachable.

6:45am: Spend time with Deepak Chopra’s Heart Sutra Meditation.

7am: Break. Kids still asleep, I make some delicious swelling-fighting green tea and sit and let it sit for about 20 minutes while I stare at this backyard. Not a bad way to spend quiet mornings.



8am: All hell breaks loose. Kids are up, I am up making healing, protein shakes with non-GMO Vanilla Spirutein, which includes organic blueberries, blackberries, a banana, and ground flax seed. The kids LOVE this stuff so I keep making it.

One my blog’s commentators called my efforts ‘malarkey’ against this cancer. But hey, if it empowers me and helps keep the swelling at bay, then why not give it a shot? Ultimately, the power is within me and inner circle. So I am doing what I can to remain stable or make these treatments work as much as possible. Seeing that the latest drama is related to old, dead tumors, to me, is a great sign. MDX-1106 has trained my immune system to work on most of my tumors.

On tap for today: More positive visualization, making my road bike a stationary once again, and getting back on. The more aerobic exercise I accomplish, the stronger and better I feel.


10 responses to “What I did today

  1. Please note: I make no money by linking to any of these sites. This is purely for informational purposes.

  2. If it works for you, that’s all that’s important. You have control over certain things within your body by the way you treat it … so, treating it well makes sense. I’ve been juicing since last October and trying to eat really, really well. While I don’t think that eating carrots and blueberries cures full blown cancer, it doesn’t hurt and has certainly made me feel like I have more energy and that I’m an active participant in a “full body” treatment rather than a lab rat. You do your part, and the meds do theirs. Keep the incense going!

    We need to meet for lunch. Dade and I drive up to Exeter at least once a week for The Green Bean or Loaf and Ladle. Need soup… will travel.

  3. I didn’t note the “malarkey” commenter but I’d like to start a dialog with him/her, either here or elsewhere.

    I’m trained to think scientifically (MIT graduate), and the question I pose is, when science is out of answers, what do you?

    I wrote about this on my own post-cancer blog 18 months ago. It’s a real question. Here’s the world I live in: I am at the outer edge of science’s knowledge about my disease; the doctors have no more recommendations – all they know is that there’s a 50-50 chance my cancer will recur, and no evidence on what to do to improve my odds. Will malarkey-commenter urge that I (and everyone like me) do nothing?

    I hope the commenter will take into consideration that my oncologist, Dr. McDermott, one of the top scientists in the world for this disease, doesn’t think it’s malarkey.

  4. Thanks again everyone. The negative comments are always done in private, by email. I think even the poster knows better than to try antagonize a cancer patient publicly, so why not troll privately.

    Thing is, it really doesn’t get to me. I still do it, I think it helps me, as Rebecca writes, at least mentally and emotionally. Part of the healing IS my mindset. If I go into this with a negative attitude, then how will that help anything? Anyone? My family and friends are affected by all this as well and my attitude and willingness to make changes rally them as well.

    I wind up feeling sorry for posters like the malarkey fellow or others who have posted wrong information. I think they are the ones missing out on all the potential tools when they deal with the disease.

    And honestly, No effort in eliminating cancer should be considered malarkey. Not even the millions companies spend on research on medicines that fail or don’t live up to expectations.

  5. Malarkey? Huh-what? You are also getting cutting edge medical treatment, which is very hard on a person, so even if all your meditation was doing nothing for your physical body, the peacefulness of mind would be well worth your practices. And I for one think that the meditation is helping your body; I truly do.

  6. Love the website,Daddy!!

  7. Angelo,
    So glad to see your blog a week ago – sounds like you’re doing better. I hope so. My husband, Frank, started his Torisel/Avastin clinical trial last Monday. Mondays can’t come fast enough if this is going to work. His cough is worse and strangely a 100 degree fever hits him like clockwork at 5:00 each evening. Then it’s gone by next day. Stay strong – keep meditating – your inner peace is what will get your through. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  8. Hi Angelo
    Am I the only one who is concerned or is everyone too scared to ask? Where are you? How are you?
    Please let me know.

  9. Hi Minnie,

    I’m a subscriber to Angelo’s blog, so I just got an update that you’d posted. I don’t know that I’m the right person to spread the news, but Angelo unfortunately passed away last month. I just found out via facebook a few days ago. Here’s some information from his wife, Melissa:

    “I hope this doesn’t seem crass but I don’t know how else to share this with all of you but on this forum… My husband Angelo passed away on Friday night with his children and myself surrounding him. He feared going alone and I’m so thankful we were there with him. I do believe the last thing he heard was his children …laughing.

    I miss him and am very proud of his life and all his accomplishments. He is the bravest person I know and the children and I will always have him in our minds. He is at rest now and not tortured anymore by this “stupid disease”. He has given me the greatest gift with our children and I told him how grateful I am to him for that. ”

    Additionally, she has set up a memorial fund in his memory at UNH:
    “Memorial gifts can be sent to: UNH F…oundation, Elliott Alumni Center, 9 Edgewood Road, Durham, NH 03824. On-line gifts can be made at this
    website: https://foundation.unh.edu/make-gift.
    Donors can select “other” as an option and add a comment in the “special
    instructions for my gift box”: gift in memory of Angelo Kontarinis.”

    I’m so sorry to be posting this.

    Best wishes,

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