Great news today!

I’ll give more details with pics later but for now, we left the hospital knowing that whatever combination of defense the team and I are conducting again my cancer has been working! At least in the lungs; Whatever was left in my lungs is virtually gone (at least in the prelim report – not yet seen by a radiologist) – and what was left next to my right lung, the biggest and most dangerous one all is almost invisible!

Again, this is an initial report visible to my oncologist, and my psychotherapist, and to me, my sister, and Melissa. But I feel safe enough to say that it looks amazing to me! I am very, very, happy. We get a brain MRI next week so we are all hoping that this is all a great sign that it is working there as well.

This is encouraging that despite all the steroids that have been suppressing my my immune system, we are keeping my cancer down we are destroying whatever is left.

More details soon!

Thank you for everything!

8 responses to “Great news today!

  1. Hi Great news keep going.
    Im so happy for you.
    take care

  2. I can almost hear your happy hands typing away at this message. It’s so good to hear your news and to sense your happiness . God bless

  3. What a journey . . . This is really good news, filled with hope & possibilities. We’re with you!

  4. Great blog! Keep up the good fight. I have added you to my 900 Cancer Blogs list at Being Cancer Network – Please consider adding us to your own blogroll. Take care, Dennis

  5. karen in ottawa canada

    just checking in before i head to bed and your great news has me clapping & grinning from ear to ear – excellent final thoughts for my day – surely that’ll give me happy dreams! I’m so very pleased for you – you have fought through so much to get to here – enjoy every blessed minute!

  6. No news since August i hope and pray that all is ok with you and your familly

  7. karen in ottawa canada

    Diana – Angelo passed away Oct 8, 2010. He is missed by many.

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